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DECEMBER 18, 2007


CONTACT: Brent Buchanan / Jo Foster - (334) 395-5777 -

Pre-Paid Promotions Acquires Lucky Sweepstakes

(MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA) - Pre-Paid Promotions has purchased Lucky Sweepstakes of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in an effort to expand their product line of pre-paid sweepstakes phone cards.

In a full asset and inventory purchase of the company’s sweepstakes phone cards and reprinting rights, Pre-Paid Promotions has announced that they will continue printing the cards acquired in the purchase at the request of their customers.

The two dollar ten minute pre-paid phone card titled “Gold Rush” is amongst the brands of cards listed in Pre-Paid Promotions reprint schedule for First Quarter ‘08. Gold Rush, slated for reintroduced, is a well-recognized brand due to the self-contained $1000 winner found in each roll through the attached sweepstakes.

“We will make minor changes to the graphics of the product in order to incorporate our unique tracking and security features which will bring the brand up to company standards,” says company representative Jo Foster. The Lucky Sweepstakes logo will be replaced by Pre-Paid Promotions’ logo to achieve brand continuity and company recognition.

“The purchase of Lucky Sweepstakes and their pre-paid phone card line is a good business move for both parties”, said Mike Moore, Vice President of Pre-Paid Promotions. “This purchase created a market exit opportunity for Lucky Sweepstakes and a market expansion opportunity for Pre-Paid Promotion,” he continued. The company says they will continue to pursue mutually beneficial transactions as part of their mission to fill a void in the industry.

Pre-Paid Promotions is actively seeking additional acquisition opportunities in the sweepstakes phone card industry. Contact the corporate office to inquire.



Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. is an innovative Nevada corporation with its headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. They manufacture and distribute traditional pre-paid phone cards and sweepstakes phone cards in addition to creating and implementing custom sweepstakes promotions for companies. Pre-Paid Promotions also provides prepaid cellular, merchant services, check guarantee and loyalty/reward/gift programs through its One Terminal Solution. A major focus of the company is to help convenience stores increase their in-store sales and profit margins through the sale of Pre-Paid Promotions products, which have a very high return on investment rate.