Sweepstakes Phone Cards

With gas margins in the gutter, what can a retailer do to increase their profits? With the economy in the tank, what can a retailer do to drive and increase inside sales? With the consumer feeling the pinch, what can a retailer do to make the consumer come back into their store? You probably have many more questions, but Pre-Paid Promotions has the answer to all the above - sweepstakes phone cards.

By carrying and marketing sweepstakes phone cards with in your location, you can add thousands of dollars extra to your bottom line with around one square foot of product on your counter. If you break the math down to the what makes you the most money per square foot in your store, sweepstakes phone cards will win every time.

Let's say you still have questions or are not sure exactly what to think... Call us at (877) 576-3020 and we'll be more than glad to speak with you about any questions or concerns you might have. We want you to be able to make an informed decision, and over 95% of decision makers can't be wrong (by the way, that's the percentage of decision makers that see our product and add it to their stores).