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JANUARY 21, 2008


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Pre-Paid Promotions Offering a New, Innovative In-Store Profit Center

(MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA) - Pre-Paid Promotions wants to challenge convenience stores owners to find one product in their store where their return on investment is double. The standard “store staples” (beer, cigarettes, candy) have a small margin and an even smaller return on investment. Gasoline is steadily falling down the ladder of profit making products in convenience store everywhere. So, what’s your next attempt going to be at finding a product that can actually make you some money?

How about some of those cute little novelty products found littering the counters of convenience stores everywhere? Nope, they might be doubling your money, if their not sitting around for more than a week or so, but after that their just costing you money by taking up valuable counter space in front of all your customers.

What if I told you, I have found a product that you can double or even triple your investment on, would that get your attention? I’m talking about a product that generally takes up less than one square foot of counter space. Now, you’re thinking I’m crazy, but this product can even give your customers more money to spend right back in your own store, and did I mention that it’s completely legal?

Pre-Paid Promotions has perfected a system with sweepstakes phone cards that can double or even triple your investment consistently month after month. With the guidance of Pre-Paid Promotion a store can consistently make more money than ever before. The days of slow moving products are a thing of the past. Over 90% of the companies that carry Pre-Paid Promotion’s sweepstakes phone cards are reporting record number sales over last years numbers.

So what are sweepstakes phone cards? Sweepstakes phone cards are just like any other pre-paid phone but with a chance to win cash from the sweepstakes that’s attached to them.



Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. is an innovative Nevada corporation with its headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. They manufacture and distribute traditional pre-paid phone cards and sweepstakes phone cards in addition to creating and implementing custom sweepstakes promotions for companies. Pre-Paid Promotions also provides prepaid cellular, merchant services, check guarantee and loyalty/reward/gift programs through its One Terminal Solution. A major focus of the company is to help convenience stores increase their in-store sales and profit margins through the sale of Pre-Paid Promotions products, which have a very high return on investment rate.