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FEBRUARY 17, 2008


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The Difference Between a Competitor and a Predator

(MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA) - America’s successful free market economy is grounded in competition. Consumers win when companies compete and additionally many new products and services are created out of such competition. However, an industry becomes stagnant, a lack of competitive creativity leads to cutthroat tactics such as unmerited price-cutting and a decline in the quality of a product. Some rogue companies even resort to unethical practices that further pollute the marketplace.

As a move seen to help “clean up” the sweepstakes phone card market, Pre-Paid Promotions announced today their desire to continue to hold themselves to a higher standard. David S. Jones, II, CEO/President of Pre-Paid Promotions, said, “Stores that purchase pre-paid phone cards, whether a sweepstakes is attached or not, deserve to know the phone time is going to work 100% of the time.” He continued, “Any company willing to sell a product that knowingly does not work has no place being in business.”

The announcement came about due to competitors who are dumping product into the marketplace in an attempt to liquidate their assets and harm other companies in the industry. “It is apparent that some companies in the sweepstakes phone card industry have resorted to selling phone cards that don’t work with attached sweepstakes that are expired. As a result, such companies are doing more harm than good by drawing attention to themselves and inadvertently creating a bad reputation for the industry as a whole,” said Vice President Mike Moore.

Keeping predators out any industry is a struggle not to be attempted by a single company but by a collective group formed out of a common interest. Pre-Paid Promotions desires to spearhead forming an industry association devoted to policing the practices of the pre-paid sweepstakes phone card industry. More details will be provided at a later date.



Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. is an innovative Nevada corporation with its headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. They manufacture and distribute traditional pre-paid phone cards and sweepstakes phone cards in addition to creating and implementing custom sweepstakes promotions for companies. Pre-Paid Promotions also provides prepaid cellular, merchant services, check guarantee and loyalty/reward/gift programs through its One Terminal Solution. A major focus of the company is to help convenience stores increase their in-store sales and profit margins through the sale of Pre-Paid Promotions products, which have a very high return on investment rate.