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MARCH 11, 2008


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Many Convenience Stores Looking for Additional Income

(MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA) - Convenience stores across the United States are seeing their inside sales numbers drop. The average stores make the majority of its yearly profits from products sold inside the store and not from gasoline or diesel.

One convenience store chain in Mississippi set out to find new and innovative products to help boost their inside sales numbers companywide. Clark Oil Company of Waynesboro, Mississippi recently began a test run within nine stores selling pre-paid phone cards with attached sweepstakes. After a successful six week run, Clark Oil Company saw repeat sales of the new product hover around 96%, therefore, increasing total inside sales.

Vice President Mike Moore said, “By implementation Pre-Paid Promotion’s sweepstakes phone card product line Clark Oil Company has found their solution to slumping inside sales.” He continued, “We have truly developed a winning system for convenience stores.” Pre-Paid Promotions attributes its success to its eye-catching cards and abundant point-of-sales material, which is unrivaled in the industry.

“We feel that our company is leading the way for others to follow. Many problems that customers have complained about for years, we have been addressed and resolved,” said Operations Director Jo Foster. “Without giving away any company secrets, all we can say is that retailers of our cards haven’t complained about any of the issues that we’ve improved upon. They are just happy to see a company in the industry that is interested in profitable innovations,” he added.



Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. is an innovative Nevada corporation with its headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama. They manufacture and distribute traditional pre-paid phone cards and sweepstakes phone cards in addition to creating and implementing custom sweepstakes promotions for companies. Pre-Paid Promotions also provides prepaid cellular, merchant services, check guarantee and loyalty/reward/gift programs through its One Terminal Solution. A major focus of the company is to help convenience stores increase their in-store sales and profit margins through the sale of Pre-Paid Promotions products, which have a very high return on investment rate.